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Pre-engineered Buildings

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Best PEB companies in Chennai

Conventional steel structure was the widespread option for many company’s warehouses and logistics before the introduction of pre-engineered buildings. SInce the implementation of PEB building, steel construction companies in chennai and businesses started to prefer PEB building for their structural needs. Not only that PEB manufacturer designs the PEB’s with suitable materials and methods which makes them to test the time and meet the aesthetics as well. The major reason for the popularity of PEB in the last few years as they do not need much labor or workforce like the conventional ones as these are fabricated at the factory, transported to the workplace and assembled later. Metfraa provides durable pre-engineered buildings customised to your industrial needs. You can effectively combine functionality with cost-effectiveness with our products. Our line of pre-engineered buildings can save up to 70% of the cost compared to conventional buildings. This solution is very simple since you can start occupying it in no time. In addition, pre-engineered buildings offer more space usability.

We the steel structure company in Chennai design and fabricate the product to fit your specifications. Get clear spans till 93 meters wide and eave heights of 30 meters. Metfraa applies the latest process to design and develop products suitable to the nature of your business which made us the No.1 PEB Company In Chennai. We guarantee that you will find suitable buildings tailor-made to meet the distinct demands of the industry.


Our team is consistently looking for newer methods of production, enhancing functionality, and producing cost-efficient products. Inorder to build a great steel buildings in Chennai Metfraa adds more value to your buying decision with versatile and flexible engineering solutions. We are best PEB contractors in Chennai who can provide you accurate products using our vast experience in steel trading since 1989. since we extensively discuss the project with our clients before we begin the project. Therefore, we guarantee a shorter turnaround time at a cost much less than the standard steel buildings.

PEB building company like Metfraa, understands and values each component included in the peb metal buildings, thus splitting them into primary and secondary construction members. This had made us enter the best of list of peb companies in Chennai. Each of these components play a crucial role in the entire structure. Metfraa, the best PEB contractor, designs and fabricates these components in accordance with quality norms and appropriate draftings. One of the best parts of PEB building is that these buildings can be expanded in length to meet your business needs by just adding extra bays to them. However, it would be more efficient if you approach the PEB companies in Chennai like Metfraa, to add provision to the structure where you can even increase the width and length of the building in future. Similarly, due to this factor, PEBs are 30%-35% lighter in weight compared to other conventional structures making them one of the ideal options for every industrial sector. It is also to be noted that all the components included in the PEB are of high standard and the structure is erected much faster.

There are several applications where the PEB structure manufacturers can employ which includes all industries right from industrial to non-industrial construction. However, before employing the pre-engineered buildings there are a lot of factors that need to be considered which include manufacturers, transportation, construction style, material and labour cost and many more on the list. Metfraa PEB company in Chennai is your ideal partner who can cater your construction and PEB solutions in the way you want needs in the way you want. We are experts in developing different types and forms of PEBs which gives our customers good options from which they can choose as per their business requirements. We ensure our clients that the PEB steel buildings in chennai is developed with high-quality materials for the building’s durability.

  • Warehousing
  • Factories
  • Steel Buildings
    (Commercial & Residential)
  • Workshops
  • Cold Stores
  • Cement Plants
  • Indoor Tennis
  • Swimming Pool
  • Poultry Farming
  • Showrooms

Pre Engineered Buildings in chennai are or PEB steel structures are becoming popular due to their quick setup, cost-effectiveness, built to size requirement and greater aesthetic attributes. Metfraa delivers products that conform to both Indian and American standards. Approach our team today to get your queries addressed and your needs met for your steel structural building.

What do we offer?
  • Size - 40 meters & above

  • Interior area is free of columns. Suitable for gyms, auditoriums, aircraft hangars, and any other application requiring a big open space.
  • Size - 50 meters & above

  • Interior columns minimise the rafters' spans, lowering the frame's overall cost. Perfect for production and assembly centres.
  • Size - 20’ to 70’

  • Interior has no columns, plenty of floor space, and standard minimum depth columns. Suitable for banks, office buildings, and retail stores.
  • Metfraa PEB manufacturers will render other framing systems such as Single slope clear span, multi-span, Lean-to, and Special frame design.